Labor and Employment

Labor and Employment

Labor and Employment

This practice group deals with the wide variety of Mexican legal problems related to the workplace, including advising clients on day-to-day employment issues, interfacing with governmental agencies and litigating claims in state and federal courts. Mata & Asociados represents a wide range of clients, including hotels, resorts, banks, construction firms, manufacturers, restaurants, retail chain merchandisers and service industries. Mata & Asociados Labor and Employment attorneys advise employers regarding individual employment rights, workplace safety issues, employee benefits, payroll taxes, and assistance with unions, collective bargaining, arbitration proceedings and labor-management dealings.

Most common services requested by our clients:

  • Individual employment agreements
  • Advice on outsourcing issues
  • NDAs and non-competition agreements
  • Collective labor agreements
  • Litigation of employment matters
  • Negotiation with unions
  • Dealing with termination of key employees
  • Social security issues

Practice highlights

Mata & Asociados defeated the Mexican Social Security (IMSS) in federal court, in a dispute where the IMSS characterized over 500,000 distributors of our direct selling client as employees. The federal court ruled that there was no employment relationship between our client and the distributors.

Mata & Asociados assisted a client in winding up their Mexican operations, terminating more than 150 employees and terminating the collective labor agreement with the union. We consider our representation as a success because no employee filed a lawsuit against the company.

Mata & Asociados defeated a worker’s union in state court, in a dispute where the union served a strike notice to our client, threatening to shut down our client’s operations. Even though our client had failed to enter into a collective labor agreement prior to the strike notice, and against all odds, Mata & Asociados was able to get the court to order the union to cancel the scheduled strike.

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